Simple and Complex Life Cycle of a Frog

Teaching the life cycle of the frog can be tricky depending on how complex you want to teach the stages.  Here is my newest life cycle pack for the frog!  I made the sheets with two different versions: 3 stages (eggs, tadpole, frog) or 6 stages (eggs, tadpole, tadpole with back legs, tadpole with front legs, froglet, frog).  

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Here is was is included…
3 Ordering the life cycle sheets (simple and complex versions)

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Describing sheet of a frog
Can, have, is sheets: frog, tadpole, froglet
Label the frog
Compare and contrast a tadpole and frog
Vocabulary matching
3 Sentence Sheets
Emergent Reader

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Large life cycle pictures to display on a bulletin board or vocabulary wall
Life cycle poster
Life cycle cards for simple or complex life cycle
You can also check out my Life Cycle of a Chick Unit if you are in the life cycle mood. 🙂

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One response to “Simple and Complex Life Cycle of a Frog”

  1. Special Teacher for Special Kids Avatar
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

    I added these to my wishlist… Not sure if my students will be doing life cycles.

    Thanks for sharing. They look great.

    [email protected]
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids