Fall Behavior Management Idea

About every couple of months I like to change up my behavior management plan.  I started the year having the kids earn table points and I decided to switch it up this month.  I thought of an idea that is basically a class marble jar, but there is a twist to it…
Each table group gets a little paint cup from Lakeshore on their desk.  Throughout the day, their table group can earn little plastic goodies (from the dollar bin at Target).  I like using these instead of the pom poms because they can hear them fall in the cup, and the noise alone helps them get on track if their group didn’t earn the leaf or pumpkin.

photo4 2
I drop a treat in if they are on task, getting their materials out quickly, following directions, etc. 

At the end of the day, each group pours their cup into our class marble jar.  Once we fill it up as a class, then we will get a class reward.

photo2 1
I like this better than table points because they are working as a class for a common goal.  They are also competing throughout the day to earn a pumpkin or leaf for their group, but we don’t count them and compare. 

photo3 1
I have found this works really well if you have competitive kids that get mad if their group didn’t get the most table points at the end of the week/day.  They are all working together, so everyone wins!  I have daily table captains, so they are the ones that keep the cup on their desk, and pour it into our class jar at the end of the day!  🙂

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4 responses to “Fall Behavior Management Idea”

  1. Miss Kindergarten Avatar
    Miss Kindergarten

    LOVE!! #writethatdown

  2. Elizabeth Avatar

    What a cute idea!!! Love it 🙂 #imwithmisskindergarten

  3. Rachel Avatar

    Love this idea! I do table points but I love the idea of them working towards a class goal!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  4. Unknown Avatar

    Love this idea! I am def going to try this next month. Thanks for the great idea!

    We posted some Thanksgiving freebie on our site, hope you can check them out =)