Chalkboard Brights Bulletin Board Display

Look at the newest line from Teacher Created Resources!!!!  It is called Chalkboard Brights!  I was SO excited when they came out with these new colors because they match my room perfectly!  Take a look at how I used some of their products…
I have letter/picture/sound cards that I am required to post in my classroom (thank you Open Court) and they are really low under my whiteboard.  I noticed that when the kids are at their desks, they were having trouble seeing the letters.  I placed this letter line HIGH up above the whiteboard so they could clearly see the letters from their seats!
My favorite piece from the Chalkboard Bright collection is this welcome banner!  My students were so excited to see the different letters and even MORE excited to see it spelled a word!  I am saving this bad boy for Open House in the spring, I will hang it outside to welcome the parents!
We are practicing taking ownership and pride in our work and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to introduce a “Star Student Work” board.  I used some of my whiteboard space (I have a whole wall filled with whiteboard).  
How it works is, each time we do a writing assignment I “pick” (fairly rotate) 3 different pieces of writing to display on the board.  They will stay up until our next writing assignment.  The students were beaming with pride when they saw their writing up on our special wall!

Lastly, I needed a new incentive for positive behavior in my classroom.  I haven’t tried a sticker chart with my kids yet, and this seemed like the perfect chance!  

Each student will get their own sticker chart and earn stickers when they are caught displaying positive behavior!  Want to know a secrete?  I don’t have a prize when they fill up the sticker start!!!  Shhhhh don’t tell them that they are supposed to earn a reward.  For most of my students this is their first sticker chart and the simple accomplishment of filling it up, having the class cheer, and sending it home is a wonderful reward!!!!

For more details about which products I used, check out Teacher Created Resources’ newest line: Chalkboard Brights.


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