Glitter Glue Management Tip!

I NEED to share this idea with you!!!  I shared it on my Instagram, and I received such positive feedback, I thought I should share it here too!  It all has to do with this magical, beautiful, ENGAGING…. glitter glue!
When I am introducing a new cut and paste printable, I model the whole worksheet with the class.  This can be boring for the advanced students, but I feel that it is a necessity to ensure success for the majority of the class.  I teach them how to problem solve when they don’t know what to do, and things like that.  Once we are finished, I hide my completed copy and then they complete their own worksheet independently (or with a partner).  
Here is the secrete trick.  I bought this pretty glitter glue at Big Lots.  When I am modeling our worksheet, I place these glue bottles next to me.  Whoever was paying attention and participating during the lesson gets to use the glitter glue on their own worksheet!!! You would be surprised at how quite they are!
Since almost all of them are behaving in order to get to use the glue… I try and pick three students that don’t get recognized for good behavior that often!  The other day I actually picked six students and they shared the glue!  
Seriously.  Genius.  

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7 responses to “Glitter Glue Management Tip!”

  1. Maria G. Avatar
    Maria G.

    I love this idea!! =)

  2. lorena Avatar

    Such a great idea! 🙂

  3. KFUNdamentals Avatar

    And who doesn't LOVE glitter glue! Such a GREAT idea, Michelle. <3

  4. Unknown Avatar

    Super cute and easy idea ! LOVE it 🙂 & I'm obsessed with all things cut and paste..

  5. Amy Avatar

    Love this!! It is the little things that make a great teacher!!

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  7. Unknown Avatar

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