Kindergarten Morning Work / Digital and Paper for Distance Learning

I have a great solution to teaching kindergarten distance learning style.  I think on of the most stressful thing leading into this year is the idea of going back and forth from “in person” teaching to “remote teaching.”  I had the idea to create consistency and routine by implementing kindergarten morning work that can be used completely in the classroom or completely at home!
The way this kindergarten morning work was designed it is both digital and paper.  Each month there are 25 ELA worksheets and 25 math worksheets, as well as 6 Boom Card games that practice the same skills as the worksheets.  The worksheets focus on 6 different skills each month so you can introduce the skill one time and then the students can complete the rest independently.  Let’s take a closer look at the kindergarten worksheets-
For the month of August, there are 26 worksheets included because there are 26 letters in the alphabet, and I wanted there to be an option to practice every letter!
I discretely labeled each worksheet by month, week, and day and avoided writing “AUGUST KINDERGARTEN MORNING WORK” on it so you could differentiate when and who you used this resource with.  Maybe you want to use with your struggling 1st grade students, advanced preschool students, or your kinders that need extra practice in March.  Now you can use it WHENEVER you want!

IMG 7343

The Boom Cards are digital task cards that can be played on  You can create a FREE teacher account and generate a hyperlink that can be published or sent to your students on any learning website (Seesaw, Google Classroom, etc.). If you want to invest in the paid version, you can create a class list, student long-ins, and that lets you track their progress.  But with the free account, each student can play, you just can’t see their scores.
IMG 7340
The Boom Card games are self checking, so if they submit their answer and they get it wrong, it has them try again!  Here are the games included that match the August Morning Work resource:
I packaged this morning work resource in several different bundles.  You can grab the worksheets or Boom Cards separately, bundled together, in bundles for each month, or bundled for the whole year.  I will link HERE so you can see all of the different options that would work best for you!

Purchase HERE!

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