Animal Sorting with Easter Eggs

I have been excited to use Easter Eggs for something in my class, and I decided we would use them to sort animals that hatch from eggs.  We talked about the Life Cycle of a Chicken last week, and we also talked about how different animals come from eggs.

photo5 5

I started by stuffing Easter eggs with pictures of different animals.  Some of them hatch from eggs, and some do not.
photo1 4
My talented Aide, hand drew these cute animals!
photo2 5

Once the eggs were filled, I called on a student (by pulling sticks of course) to come up and open an egg.

photo3 5
They showed the picture to the class and we decided with “thumbs up and thumbs down” if the animal hatched from an egg.

photo2 6

photo3 6

We sorted the animals in the pocket chart.

photo4 5

photo5 6
( I sould have titled the chart as “Which animals hatch from an egg…”)  The kids REALLY enjoyed this simple activity, I was suprised by how engaged they were!

If you are focusing on Life Cycles…you can check out my Simple Life Cycle of a Chicken Unit!  It reviews the 4 stages of the life cycle.  Click on the image to purchase at my TpT Store. 🙂


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7 responses to “Animal Sorting with Easter Eggs”

  1. Lori Avatar

    Fun idea! I need to get some more eggs to use! Kids do love them. 🙂
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. Unknown Avatar

    Cute game!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. Danielle DeRitter Avatar
    Danielle DeRitter
  4. Tonia Avatar

    What a fun idea! I am doing that one for sure! Thanks!!

  5. Sandi  Avatar

    I just posted about our oviparous animals and eggs in the sand table. I included a link to your post.
    It's amazing how this topic holds the kid attention and fascination.

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