“Egg” citing! We can recycle with art!

Our recycling bin was getting full, so I decided to use the scraps of construction paper to decorate an Easter egg.  I accidentally made too many copies of the Easter egg for a different project, so we used all of the paper to prep us for talking about Earth Day when we get back from Spring Break.

photo5 1
Maybe I dumped our our recycling trash can on the floor in a pile…After I did this, I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I just nicely lay the paper in a pile on the back table?”  Once I started the mess, the kids picked out colors that they wanted to decorate their egg with.

photo4 1

They ripped little pieces of paper and glued them onto their Easter egg.
photo1 2

We did this project during “free time,” in which the students can have free play in the room.  I called back about 5 kids at a time to work at their desks on the art.  It kept them busy and it also reinforced how we can re-use paper for different projects.  Normally during free time, I have a bin of paper that are extra copies or scraps, and that is the paper they can draw on.  So they were already familiar with recycling paper.

photo3 2

photo1 3

photo4 2

photo3 3
Our craft reinforced recycling in the classroom, and it was a great way to frontload them for Earth Day in a couple of weeks!
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9 responses to ““Egg” citing! We can recycle with art!”

  1. Tammy Avatar

    What a great way to teach a little recycling lesson!

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Unknown Avatar

    I love these! So cute…thanks for sharing!


  3. Shannon Avatar

    I want to have free time in my room, lol! My kiddos would love to have just some time to explore. It's a great idea!

    Kindergarten Hoppenings

  4. Fancy Free in 4th Avatar
    Fancy Free in 4th

    This is a great craft that goes perfect with both Easter and Earth Day! You are so creative!

  5. Miss Trayers Avatar
    Miss Trayers

    Oh I love that idea! Very creative!


  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Very nice blog. Love the ideas! I recently started a blog about Preschool. I left you a Lovely Blog Award on my site for you to pick up. I hope you enjoy my blog!

    Heather Mix
    An Interesting Mix

  7. Lori Faas Avatar
    Lori Faas

    So cute and I love it when the kids can be so creative!

    [email protected]

  8. Kyetra Avatar

    Love your blog! I just came over from the Mingle With Us blog hop and started following.

  9. Diane G Avatar
    Diane G

    Very creative idea – love it!