Cow and Pig Craft

Students often love talking about farm animals! For some, it is because they are cute and make neat noises. For others, it is because they get to roll around in the mud. No matter the reason, students can often build connections when farm animals are in lessons. Due to this, they are engaged and interested. To bring in a hands-on activity with farm-based lessons, I love to use the Cow and Pig Craft. Even better, it is a student-favorite craft every single year!

Lesson Components 

There are many aspects to bring into lessons when learning about farm animals. For instance, students can listen to several stories involving animals. Additionally, they can watch videos to see how farm animals live and what they eat. Students can even do several different thinking maps. Since cows and pigs are well-known among students, they are both a big focus within stories and videos. After these exciting lesson components, students can complete the Cow and Pig Craft. Best of all, it embeds a variety of skills, such as fine motor and writing. Students will love every minute of the unit on farm animals.

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Cow and Pig Craft

After learning all about cows and pigs, students will create their own! The resource comes with a template for each part of the craft. Thus, it is a low-prep activity but highly engaging for students! 

One of my favorite aspects of the craft involves how it relates to science, writing, and language arts. This means that several kindergarten standards and content areas occur within this one craft! For instance, students are learning about how pigs and cows live. Additionally, they are working on comprehension while listening to several stories. Then, they can apply their knowledge by writing a sentence about the animals. By bringing so much excitement into the lesson, students will love to create and share sentences!

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Farm Bulletin Board 

Students are always so excited about their craft. Thus, I love to show their hard work off to everyone. To do this, I turn a bulletin board into a farm! Luckily, the Cow and Pig Craft has three bulletin board phrases. This includes Down on the Farm, Welcome to the Farm, and We are in the Mood to Learn. Students will love showing off their farm knowledge to classmates no matter the words used.

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Farm Math and Literacy Unit 

Honestly, students are going to be so excited about their craft. Hence, this excitement is the perfect way to work on many skills and standards. Luckily, this unit has worksheets, crafts, and centers. Students will work on writing, vocabulary, comparisons, letter/sound match, patterns, graphing, and addition! 

Craft Extension

Students are going to have so much fun learning about farm animals. If possible, contact a local farm and see if students can visit. Honestly, students will love talking to a farmer and seeing so many animals in person. 

The Cow and Pig Craft is the perfect addition to any farm unit! Students will love learning about farm animals and applying their knowledge to a craft and sentence. Ultimately, this resource allows students to learn about real-life while focusing on many skills!

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    Those are super cute!!

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    Awe, these are adorable!

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    Oh. my. goodness! Those little piggies and cows are seriously precious!! I love them!! I'm following your store now – I would love it if you'd come look at mine! 🙂

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    Sooooo cute!!
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    These are just ADORABLE!!!
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    How cute are they?! Our Kindergarten does a big Farm unit-I'm sending this their way!! Congrats on your first item!!

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    These are too cute. I love farm animals.

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    Cute!!! We start our farm unit when we return from spring break 🙂

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    These are so cute! we are taking our 1st graders to see the play Click Clack Moo on Friday, so this will be the perfect follow up activity!! Thanks so much for sharing!
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