Santa Beard Craftivity: What do you want for Christmas?

I made this Santa Beard Craftivity with my class this week and the kids had a blast writing in Santa’s beard what they wanted for Christmas.  The pieces were easy for them to assemble and they made an adorable Santa bulletin board for this Christmas season.  
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Here is my Instagram (@applesandabcs) version of our Santa craft. 🙂

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We might have been singing Christmas songs the whole time we were making this craft. When I am doing a craft with my students, I first show them every step that we are going to do.  I sit them on the carpet in a large circle, and I show them the craft start to finish.  Then I use my projector and we do the craft, step by step together.  There is always the problem with some kids going super fast and some going snail slow.  I go at the speed so the fast finishers have to wait a couple minutes in between steps.  When some of them finish early, they can help their friends or help me clean up trash that ends up everywhere under the desks.
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It seemed to be a fun thing to hold up the Santa craft and talk to each other in a “Santa voice..”

photo3 9
Our little Santas turned out so cute and it was adorable to see what the kids were asking for for Christmas.  

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4 responses to “Santa Beard Craftivity: What do you want for Christmas?”

  1. Mrs. Wheeler Avatar
    Mrs. Wheeler

    Fun, fun! Love those little Santas!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  2. Fancy Free in 4th Avatar
    Fancy Free in 4th

    Cute! I love Santa's eyes.

    Fancy Free in Fourth

    PS- for my blog tomorrow… I use the word sahog in it… seriously…