The Very Hungary Caterpillar Craft

Have you ever been in the middle of a project, got a “genius” idea (knowing it could cause mayhem and confusion) and ran with it?  That pretty much sums up the way my brain works… and it’s a blessing/ curse.  This one turned out to be a blessing because our little caterpillars came out so cute!  We were studying The Very Hungary Caterpillar, and I found a black and white version of the caterpillar, and copied it for all of the children. (I can’t share it because it’s a book I bought)  After I read the story, I had the students color their caterpillar.  As the students were in the middle of coloring their little guy, I got the idea…lets add the little hairs on top ….really?  yep…
I gave the students a string of yarn, and showed them how to cut the string in little pieces and glue them on the top.  As I was giving instructions, I knew this could possibly be a horrible idea for a couple of reasons:
1. It takes fine motor skills to cut the little pieces = frustration for their little hands
2.  Time consuming = frustrating because they would have to focus for a longer period of time

But to my surprise, they had a great time, and did a wonderful job at working hard to finish the task at hand!  The students that finished quickly, helped their neighbor cutting and gluing the pieces on.  The students put a strip of glue on the top of the caterpillar and pressed the small pieces of yarn on top.

So this time, my random idea turned out cute!  

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4 responses to “The Very Hungary Caterpillar Craft”

  1. Buena Avatar

    Once I saw this really cute idea to make ghosts out of white paint footprints on black paper. (Both feet painted and they walked across the paper!) After the first one I realized this was a HORRIBLE idea! They needed to wash their feet at the very end of the paper before I could do the nnext student! What was I thinking? But once started I had to finish! Fortunately, a couple of the girls were wearing tights so I used that as an excuse to do handprints instead. I thought I would never get done…and you can believe I have NEVER done foot prints again!

  2. Mrs. S Avatar
    Mrs. S

    Very cute!

  3. A Sunny Day in First Grade Avatar
    A Sunny Day in First Grade


    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  4. LBettis Avatar

    [email protected] So jealous of your trip! Hope it was great!