Number Form Craft

I am trying my best to let my creative juices flow for 4th grade math.  Sadly, my days are over of sorting apples and graphing our favorite apple color.  The culture shock of 4th grade is still strong as ever, as I am teaching number forms in math.  I was staring at my curriculum, trying to figure out how to make day four of reviewing “expanded form” more fun.  Then I thought…pasta noodles kind of look like commas…
Here is my first attempt of doing a math craft in 4th grade.  The students really enjoyed it, and I was able to put something on the bulletin board for math…so we both win, right?
(download HERE)
I gave each student a colored square piece of paper.  They had to write seven digits total, one on each paper.  The directions where, each number had to be different.

photo1 1
Next they glued them down on their paper, creating a number in the millions.  They left space for the “commas” to be glued down after.

photo2 1

The pasta noodles were the perfect addition to our number in standard form.  It was such a treat not to have to give a lesson on how much glue to use!

photo3 1
Once the number and pasta was glued down, the students had to write the number they created in word form, standard form, and expanded form.

photo4 1


The students had fun making this math craft, and my first math bulletin board is complete!  You can download the template for free in my TpT Store!

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11 responses to “Number Form Craft”

  1. Brittani Black Avatar
    Brittani Black

    Hope you are enjoying 4th! Your number form craft is a great idea! 🙂

  2. Miss Kindergarten Avatar
    Miss Kindergarten

    Seriously love and obsessed!!!

  3. Cindy Calenti Avatar
    Cindy Calenti

    Great hands-on number form and place value activity.

    Granny Goes to School

  4. iTeach 1:1 Avatar
    iTeach 1:1

    This is the cutest idea ever! It's so hard to find cutesy math stuff for upper elementary. I'm a former first grade teacher now in fourth so I know exactly how you feel. Looking forward to seeing more ideas from you for 4th. Thanks so much!

    iTeach 1:1

  5. Ms.M Avatar

    So dang awesome I sent the link to this post to 2nd-5th grade at my school.

  6. Unknown Avatar

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  7. Louisette Avatar

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  8. 7toursbd Avatar

    Its a cool blog, i have get you by Google search, ranking very good.
    thanks for sharing

  9. Tammi Booth Avatar
    Tammi Booth

    I like the macaroni idea for commas. I pinned this to my Marvelous Math board. Thanks for sharing.

    The Balanced Classrooom

  10. Anonymous Avatar

    Very cute idea! Love it.

    1. Anonymous Avatar

      p.s. Definitely pinning to Pinterest | Math board.