Dab it! Sight Word Practice

I am having an EXTREMELY difficult time getting my students to memorize the sight words.  It is seriously like pulling teeth this year.  I needed something fun and engaging to get them excited about practicing the words.  I noticed that they LOVED using the paint dabbers…I thought I would combine the two!

 I bought my paint dabbers at Michaels craft store, but I know you can buy them at any teacher supply store.  I also found them at the Dollar Tree!!!

Each sheet focuses on a different sight word.  When I gave these to my students, I was able to differentiate and give them a specific word that they needed practice on!  This sight word practice pack focuses on the Dolch Pre-Primer words.


Some teachers asked how I make sure they don’t make a mess with the paint.  I told my students that they got ONE chance to use them correctly.  They were allowed to dab each sight word one time.  If I saw them messing around with the paint, I took it away and they had to complete the assignment using a crayon instead… it worked like a charm! 😉

Another one of our weaknesses is learning the color words.  This became apparent when we were reading our decodable or doing a color by color word math assignment.  I changed the theme of the Dab the Color Word pack to superheros!  The kids LOVED this one!!!!
Slide01 1



The students channeled their inner superhero to practice reading color words.  They were completely engaged when we were doing this dabber activity!

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