Dressing My Baby Bump with Pink Blush Maternity {GIVEAWAY!}

Growing a human being is hard work in all areas.  One thing I wasn’t expecting is how hard it is to find cute maternity clothes!  Most companies create simple maternity basics that will get you through the 10 months (why do people say 9?!??!) but I was having difficulty finding maternity clothes that were: flattering, fashionable, and fun to wear!  I stumbled upon Pink Blush Maternity and fell in LOVE with their clothes, especially their maternity dresses.  I collaborated with their company to show off some of my favorite dresses that I have been wearing during my pregnancy!
This first dress I wore on our first year anniversary date!  We went to a fancy dinner to celebrate…I don’t know if I was more excited about the dinner or wearing this hot pink dress (Pink Overlay Chiffon Maternity Maxi Dress)!

IMG 0272

IMG 0581

IMG 0587
I wore this blue tie die maxi maternity dress for the 4th of July!  It was so comfortable and festive!  One thing that I have looked for in maternity dresses are a high waist with a fabric that hugs the bump and then is loose the rest of the way down. 😉  Pink Blush Maternity completely captures the flattering parts of a preggo body. 
IMG 0514

IMG 0519
My go-to maxi maternity dress has been this pretty little number.  I am wearing a similar one to my baby shower except it’s more orange!  Summer has been a wonderful time to be pregnant with being able to wear comfy dresses every day.  
IMG 0524
IMG 0599
Yesterday I had my first offensive stranger comment, “Are you due any day?”…..ummmm no, I still have 2 more months!!!  I bet if I was wearing one of these dresses that wouldn’t have happened! 😉
Pink Blush is hosting a $25 gift card giveaway to their store!  The good news is they also have NON maternity clothes, so everyone can participate!!!
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17 responses to “Dressing My Baby Bump with Pink Blush Maternity {GIVEAWAY!}”

  1. Amber Avatar

    I love how you mention it is 10 months – IT REALLY IS! I kept trying and trying to figure out why I was off when I was pregnant until I realized it. Loving your maternity style – I was one of those people that just tried to get by with what I could and did add some cute dresses for pictures. You are rocking your bump!


    1. Michelle Griffo Avatar
      Michelle Griffo

      Yep that's my motto too…. you only need a couple dresses to wear for occasions when you aren't laying on the couch… haha!

  2. Mrs. Eldridge Avatar
    Mrs. Eldridge

    I'm 27 weeks now and am finding the same challenges as you! Not many cute and comfortable options out there. I have found Motherhood Maternity to be the best place to find cheaper items that are cuter.

    1. Michelle Griffo Avatar
      Michelle Griffo

      Seriously! I have only found cute dresses online…barely anything the store!

  3. Jess Avatar

    So you are a super cute preggo! I aspire to be this cute! I hope that since I'm in Florida I can still wear cute dresses like yours even in the winter. Good luck with everything!

    1. Michelle Griffo Avatar
      Michelle Griffo

      I would think so! You could always throw a sweater over the top! 🙂

  4. kathy Avatar

    Your dresses are so cute!

    1. Michelle Griffo Avatar
      Michelle Griffo

      Thanks Kathy!

  5. Unknown Avatar

    Love all the dresses, but in my opinion you look super cute in the blue one!!

    1. Michelle Griffo Avatar
      Michelle Griffo

      I love that one too!!

  6. Melissa Meissner Avatar
    Melissa Meissner

    Love the dresses, especially the blue one!

  7. Magster Avatar

    Cute dresses!

  8. Kelly McFarland Avatar
    Kelly McFarland

    You and your bump are so cute! I've been following you on Insta and have loved seeing your outfits! I'm 37 weeks along and have worn a few things from Pink Blush Maternity throughout my pregnancy too. The clothes are so reasonably priced and actually cute! Hope everything is going well. 🙂

    Lattes and Lunchrooms

  9. Unknown Avatar

    You are so stinkin' cute!!!! I can't wait to see the orange one! Miss you!!

  10. Unknown Avatar

    You are beautiful! I wish I had known about Pink Blush when I was pregnant!

  11. Sarah Avatar

    Oh I just love that floral one! I have 11 weeks to go, and start back to school August 24th so more dresses would be great! 🙂


  12. Bilingual Scrapbook Avatar
    Bilingual Scrapbook

    You are so beautiful Michelle 🙂