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During this back to school season I am partnering with Maurices to showcase 5 looks from their fall line.  When I first started teaching I had two different wardrobes: clothes I taught in and then clothes I would wear on the weekends and outside of the classroom.  I quickly realized that finding clothes that I could wear for any occasion (inside AND outside the classroom) that expressed my personal style was the more practical way to go.  I needed to find places to shop, like @maurices, that have comfortable AND stylish pieces that don’t break the bank.

First Day of School Look

IMG 1534

I am excited to share with you the perfect dress for a BACK TO SCHOOL LOOK.  I always wear a dress the first day of school because I feel more dressy, it’s one piece and simple to style, and really comfortable!

Day to Night Look

IMG 1302

Some Fridays there is the occasional happy hour with co-workers or a date night!  I found the perfect outfit that can transition from day to night! I think the biggest factor in making this casual outfit ready for an evening activity is the faux leather jacket…it instantly elevates the look, but I can still wear something like this to work or to play!  

Field Trip Look

IMG 1360

When I go on a field trip my number one priority is comfort.  In the past there have been times where I looked a little TOO comfortable, so by pairing a couple stylish AND comfortable pieces I am able to look a little more put together. 😉  For me- jeans and a tee are a must, along with a lightweight

On the Go Look

IMG 1371

Normally after a full day of teaching I run one errand on the way home.  There are the occasional days where multiple errands need to be run and I am darting all over the place before I finally make it home.  The simple choice in wearing black jeggins makes me feel a little more dressed up compared to wearing regular jeans. This way if I am meeting a friend for coffee, or swinging by a couple stores I can feel excited about my outfit even if I was teaching the 7 hours before!   

Parent Teacher Conferences Look

IMG 1476

A full week of parent-teacher conferences are tiring, and by the 5th day of conferences I am drinking 5 cups of coffee before 5pm, lol!  One thing that makes the day feel more approachable is by having an outfit that I can wear all day long. I used to bring a second outfit  to change into after school, but I quickly realized that isn’t the most practical option. I look for something comfortable and classic that I can teach in all day and then still feel comfortable by the last conference of the day.  I always lean towards dresses because I can move comfortably, and throw a jacket on to complete the look… but keep in mind, I DO change into heels for conferences!

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