Watermelon Seed Addition

We are practicing addition in my classroom so I was able to use my Watermelon Craftivity with my students! They were really excited to count and add the watermelon seeds to make a number sentence.  
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I read aloud the adorable story, The Watermelon Seed, before we made our addition craft.  The story isn’t about addition, but it is a fun read aloud that I wanted to tie in with our watermelon day.
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First I asked the students to glue down two groups of seeds to make a number sentence.  Then during small group time, I called over a group of students to sit with me and write out the number sentence.  I wanted to make sure that everyone counted correctly and then wrote the correct numbers.

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I have limited bulletin board space in my room so I used two of my cupboards instead.  Creating my own bulletin board letters has become my new obsession.  I just printed out the letters in a cute font so there were two letters to a page, and then spent precious time cutting the letters out.  😉

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Our colorful watermelon craft brightens my day every time I look at it and it’s fun watching the kids flip up the pink paper to read the math sentences!
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  1. Mrs. Kilburn Avatar
    Mrs. Kilburn

    So cute! That book looks adorable! I'm adding it to my Amazon cart now 😍😄!