Sink or Float?

We are continuing in our study of the different forms of water: solid, liquid, gas.  This week we are talking about water as a liquid.  We conducted an experiment to see what objects in the classroom would sink or float.  
Here are the materials I used: objects to test, a clear plastic container, and my sink or float book.

photo2 30

I used a homemade book from a former teacher.  In the book there shows different classroom items, and the kids are supposed to predict if it will float or sink.  

I would read a page, and the students would show me with their thumbs if they thought the item would sink (thumbs down) or float (thumbs up).

photo2 2 4


photo1 27

photo3 31

photo4 30

Then of course they got really excited and wanted to test more things in the room…like the toy cars…
photo2 31

photo3 32

photo4 31

After most of the items in the classroom had been dunked in water, it was time to record our findings.  🙂

I gave everyone a worksheet and they had to draw four items that we tested in the water.  Then they had to circle if it sunk or floated.


To download, click on the picture below.  🙂


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