Christmas Tree Counting

I wanted to make a Christmas tree craft, so I decided to tie it in with a math project.  We first painted our tree using green paint and forks.  The goal of the forks was to give the tree more texture to look like the needles.  I thought this would be fun for the kids to paint with something different, they ended up being more frustrated than excited because it took a long time to get the paint all over the tree.

Next, I gave each student a cup full of decorations that they either glued on or used as stickers.  I used blue, orange, and red pom poms because those colors were our sight words that month.

photo2 16

Next, they had to read the sight words, count the number of decorations and fill the number in on the line.  This is great because it focuses on counting, writing numbers, and reading their sight words (I did a mini lesson on the word ornament, so they could read it).

photo3 14

The last step was to glue it all together!

photo4 13

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