Easter Egg Word Hunt

I found these really cute clear easter eggs at the Dollar Store.  I love making seasonal word hunts, so this was the perfect opportunity.

photo2 11
I wrote some sight words onto thick paper, front and back side.
photo1 11
Then I put some goodies into the clear bunny egg.  I added: pom poms, beads, and little flowers.
(I think it is good to have some items that shake, and some that are soft)
photo2 12

photo3 13

Then I placed the words into the bunny egg with the other items.
photo4 11

This egg is the perfect size and it is clear so the kids can read the words through the egg!
photo5 11

I made this recording sheet for the students to write the words that they find.  Click to download it for free on my TPT store.

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9 responses to “Easter Egg Word Hunt”

  1. Unknown Avatar

    Very cute idea!! Love it!
    The Resource(ful) Room

  2. Cupcake Avatar

    Love these shakers!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. Mrs. Tolbert Avatar
    Mrs. Tolbert

    So cute! =)
    Daisy Days for Learning

  4. vicky1970 Avatar

    Michelle – This is so cute! I have something similar I have used but it's boring…rice/popcorn seeds and sight words. Not cute like yours though. :o)
    VicTraditions Laughter and Happily Ever After ky

  5. The Colorful Apple Avatar
    The Colorful Apple

    Great idea! Those bunnies are so cute!

    Sara 🙂
    Smiling In Second Grade

  6. Amber Unger Avatar
    Amber Unger

    Hi Michelle! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me. 🙂 I love your blog!

  7. Busy Bees Avatar
    Busy Bees

    I just bought those cute babies last week at the store along with the carrots and chicks!! Great idea on what to use them for!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Unknown Avatar

    Very cute! Thank you for sharing and I can't wait to try this myself!

  9. Cupcake Avatar

    Just bought these too 😉
    A Cupcake for the Teacher