Fall Leaf Craft and Writing

Out here in Southern California, we are waiting patiently for the fall season to get here.  I am trying to teach about how it is fall and promising that the leaves will change color, and the students are staring at my like I am crazy! (it was 80 degrees earlier this week…)  One of our moms donated some foam leaf stickers to our class, and I found the perfect use for them!  

photo4 1

I pulled out a craft that I did last year, where we ripped little pieces of paper to make fall leaves.  This year, we used the leaf stickers.  First, I had the students trace and print the sentence, “We see fall leaves.”

Their next task was to color the branches and trunk of the tree.

Each child was allowed to place 8 stickers on their tree to decorate it for the fall!

photo4 2
photo2 1

photo1 1
I loved how our writing and trees turned out.  Hopefully we are leading the way for the weather to hurry up and feel like fall!

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5 responses to “Fall Leaf Craft and Writing”

  1. Kelley Cirrito Avatar
    Kelley Cirrito

    I love your little project!! They turned out super cute!

  2. Traci Clausen Avatar
    Traci Clausen

    Love the sticker idea. So smart… and no glued fingers or tables!

  3. Sara Avatar

    I love this and I'm doing fall this week! Do you have this so I can download it to use?! I would love it! It is such a cute idea!

  4. Kelley Dolling Avatar
    Kelley Dolling

    Won't you please come to my school and teach handwriting to our kinders??!!?? I would LOVE to get your kids next year. Hugs darlin' 🙂 Oh, and I am so diggin' on your leaf idea!

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  5. Unknown Avatar

    where is the worksheet?