Love Day Centers

It’s time to get ready for Valentine’s Day.  I created a Valentine’s Day Center Pack that has 3 Language Arts Centers and 2 Math Centers.  I like to keep centers available for the students that finish early with their work.  First, I teach them whole group how to complete the center, then I leave it on the shelf for them to do independently if they finish early with their work.


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This bundle includes 3 Language Arts Centers and 2 Math Centers.  Each center includes a response worksheet for the students to complete.  All centers are aligned to the Common Core Standards for Kindergarten.

Language Arts-
-Syllable Sort:  Students sort picture cards according to how many syllables are in the word
-Rhyming Word Match:  Students match picture cards according to the same rhyming words.  To differentiate, the students can match the picture card to the written word card.
-Build a Sentence:  Students build a sentence with the word cards.  Example:  I see a red heart.  Students place the cards in order and match it to the picture of the red heart.

-20 Frame:  Students pick a number card and they place that many counters onto the 20 frame.
-20 Frame and Number Match:  Students match the 20 Frame to the correct number.

I hope you enjoy this pack full of “love!”

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4 responses to “Love Day Centers”

  1. ronnie Avatar

    My favorite part is the rhyming activity. I don't think the reading series I use covers it enough. [email protected]

  2. Fran Kramer Avatar
    Fran Kramer

    This looks so adorable Michelle. I miss you. We need coffee with Layla who is now my BFF at Muir.
    Love you,

  3. Ms.M Avatar

    It's so cute Michelle. I love the syllable & rhyming sections. While my kids always struggle with rhyming this year they are also struggling with this year. I think it is cause they understood and were great with segmenting so early in the year. We are working on it like mad.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Where are the cute heart counters from?