For My Mom

So it was Mother’s Day this weekend, and I was in San Francisco for a wedding.  My mom reads my blog once a week, and kindly texts me with typos or weird sentences. (is this one of those weird sentences?).  She is the sweetest thing ever, and I want to write a little about my mommy…she will read this and find a little surprise!
Some things about my mother…  she is seriously one if the silliest people I know.  She has the best attitude on life and has the best sense of humor (like measuring plant leaves…).  Have you ever had a year that gave you so many twists and turns, that you didn’t know how you would survive it?  That was my past year, and I couldn’t have succeeded without my mom’s love and support.  Love you mom. 🙂
Here is what we made for the mommies in our classroom…a Cupcake Mother’s Day Card

photo1 4

photo2 3

photo3 3
Thanks so much to the moms out there!

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3 responses to “For My Mom”

  1. Carolyn Kisloski Avatar
    Carolyn Kisloski

    Your mom will love this! 🙂 My mom comes into my classroom each day and does RTI one on one or with small groups. Moms are the best! My mom keeps me posted on any typos on my blog, too. 🙂 Love the cupcakes! I'd love you to stop by and see my blog. I just started it a while ago and love doing it. 🙂 Your blog is so much fun.

    Carolyn Kisloski
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  2. Mrs. Wheeler Avatar
    Mrs. Wheeler

    Hi friend!!! I love that your mom "kindly texts you with typos." LMAO!!!!!! Hope you had a fun wedding weekend!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    I love that you have a good relationship with your mom. I wish everyday that my mom had unconditional love for me. So it warms my heart when I see a special mother and daughter relationship. I will make sure that my daughters have that with me 🙂 I love the cupcakes too…they are adorable. Thank you for sharing.