Dansko Shoes for Teachers

Bring on the scarves and jackets!!! Oh wait, I live in Southern California and it’s still 80 degrees once a week.  😏  BUT it was raining today so I got to wear a scarf, which was super exciting!  (by the way Miss Kindergarten gave it to me, and I am kind of obsessed.)
DSC 0985
This is my second year partnering with Dansko, hunting for comfortable shoes to teach in during the winter.  I have shared before, but something changed with my feet after I had my son and I have been wearing higher quality shoes to ensure that I can stand all day long.

DSC 0998
I always thought loafers were a more “elderly” (no offense!!!) type of shoe.  Boy was I wrong!  They are comfortable, sophisticated, and with the crackle leather look that the Addy brings I am ready to go for a full day of teaching.  
DSC 1017
For casual Friday I like to wear jeans, but these Lolas dress up my simple look.  I felt brave going for a light shoe in the winter, but I am excited to wear them throughout the year.

DSC 0949

DSC 0981
My new hobby has become figuring out what colors are on trend for the current season.  Though wandering through social media, I found that maroon tones are the new red.  I decided to snag the Sandra to incorporate a pop of color!  These shoes have a subtle heel and are perfectly comfortable to each in all day long.
DSC 1069
My dress (WITH POCKETS) is from Dainty Jewells.  Form fitting dresses are not my thing, so this flowy dress with pockets is my JAM.

DSC 1043
These shoes are courtesy of Dansko, but my review is my honest opinion.  I love working with brands to promote their product as well as find items that am excited to wear.
What are your favorite shoe brands? I would love to check them out!

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