French Fry Sight Word Activity!

Welp, the Dollar Bin at Target got me again!  I picked up some goodies that inspired me to make a sight word game, by turning popsicle sticks into french fries!  

photo1 4
I found some popsicle sticks in my cupboard and painted them yellow (it was cheaper than buying the ones that were already colored), then I wrote some of our sight words on both sides of the sticks.  

photo2 4
The students got to wear the apron, and pinch the french fries with the tongs to pick them up.  We laid the sight word french fries on the table, and if they could read the word, then they put it in their fry container.

photo4 1
We switched it up by having a friend read the word, and the student with the tongs found the word and picked that one up.  It has been fun watching the kids enjoy this so much. 🙂

photo3 2
After they picked up all of the fries, they recorded the sight words on this recording sheet
Click on the image to download the simple recording sheet for free in my TpT Store.
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8 responses to “French Fry Sight Word Activity!”

  1. Ashley Sanderson Avatar
    Ashley Sanderson

    This is so stinking adorable!! I saw all of the fun stuff in Target and couldn't decide how to use them, but this is great! Thanks for the idea.

    Flying High in First Grade

  2. Carolyn Kisloski Avatar
    Carolyn Kisloski

    I LOVE this idea! SO much fun. I bet your kids loved it. Thank you for sharing!
    I am trying my first linky party 🙂 I'd love you to stop over and share a funny school story. I think I just need some laughs to get through til June 21! 🙂
    Can't wait to get to Target! 🙂
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together
    Oh – I bet McDonalds may give French Fry containers for school, too. Those tiny happy meal containers are precious! 🙂

  3. Kelley Cirrito Avatar
    Kelley Cirrito

    So cute Michelle! I love the game! You are just too creative!

  4. Cupcake Avatar

    Looks soo cute! I need to grab some of those fry bins!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  5. Primary Paradise Avatar
    Primary Paradise

    What a great idea! Target dollar spot can be a dangerous place. I can spend a lot of money there. Thank you for sharing.
    Primary Paradise

  6. Christy {Crayons and Whimsy} Avatar
    Christy {Crayons and Whimsy}

    Love this so much! I'll look for you at the Target Dollar Bin next time I'm there 🙂

    Crayons and Whimsy

  7. HeidiSongs Avatar

    So the fry containers are what you bought at Target?
    So cute!

  8. Katie Avatar

    This is such a cute idea and usually when I see something you got from the Dollar Bin at Target, my local one is out or never got them. So I put this in the back of my mind just to keep around if I ever came across containers that were similar. I was at Target tonight and got them 70% off! I can't believe that I found them! I was so excited, I bought 10 packs just because you know the kids can get rough with them and so I can share with my teaching partner! I was super excited! Can't wait to use them next year. You always have such cute ideas with everything- very creative!