Halloween Bat Crayon

I always like to give my students some sort of small gift on Halloween and this year I am avoiding candy.  They will get enough candy on this holiday and this way I don’t have to worry about food allergies!  This year I decided to make each student a small bat crayon.
IMG 6535

Here are the steps to make the bat crayons:
Step 1:
Find a silicone baking tray and some old crayons.  I found the bat tray at Michael’s.  It is supposed to be used for melting chocolate!  My coworker had some old crayons that she didn’t need, so I peeled them and chopped them up into small pieces.
Step 2:
I put the crayons in the bat tray, trying to spread out the different colors so when they melt they will be vivid and visible.
Step 3: 
Heat your oven to 250 degrees and melt the crayons for 10-15 minutes.  The length of time will vary, so keep checking on them.
Step 4: 
Take the tray out and let them cool.  I actually put mine in the freezer so they would cool down faster so I could make the next batch!
IMG 6538
I have this free printable for you to use if you want to make the bat crayons, or give your students some sort of bat toy!  Disclaimer: The photos says “We are batty for you, Love Mrs. Schenry,” because I am sharing a classroom this year and we call ourselves “Mrs. Schenry”… its our names together! haha!  The free download has different text for you. 😉

IMG 6539

Happy Halloween!

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