A Tour of my Classroom (4th Grade)

This summer, I set up my classroom, without any idea of what a 4th grade classroom should look like.  We are in our second week of school, and I am quickly noticing things that are working and not working in my classroom.  Here are some photos of the boards and goodies around my room.
photo2 3
Here is my “class jobs” wall.  I stapled ribbon on the board and then added little pockets with numbered sticks in them.  Each student is assigned a number, and the sticks will rotate to the next pocket each week.  Everyone in the class has a job (that was difficult to think of), so it keeps them engaged and accountable!

photo1 3
Here is our “focus wall” where we will display the weekly vocabulary and details about the focus story.  The pennant flags are available in my TpT Store.

photo4 3
I decided to start the year with a clip chart.  I made it out of scrapbook paper and made the little signs.  Each person has a clip and they can move up and down the chart.  For the “refocus” the student has to fill out a “refocus sheet” in another classroom to reflect on their behavior and how to correct it.

photo5 2
This a small bulletin board in the back of the room that has notes and details for the parents.

photo1 4
This is the background for our writing wall.  I will hang up the student’s work on top of the scrapbook paper using paperclips.

photo2 4
I am obsessed with this interactive synonym wall, made by Fancy Free In Fourth (I will have a full blog post on this, on Friday)

photo5 3
Here is our calendar, daily schedule, and birthday cupcakes (I need to add the candles!).

photo4 4
Our first assignment was a “Social Media Profile” get to know you activity.  The kids fill out information about themselves and write four “status updates” from the summer.  It is in my TpT Store. 🙂

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7 responses to “A Tour of my Classroom (4th Grade)”

  1. Kristin Avatar

    Looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Holly Avatar

    It looks really great – are you loving fourth grade as much as Kindy?

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  3. Lori Avatar

    Your room looks wonderful!! Love that FB idea! Hope you are enjoying fourth grade!
    Conversations in Literacy

  4. tkjadams Avatar

    Love the synonym wall. Where did you find the great colorful popcorn containers?

  5. Unknown Avatar

    I know this is an older blog, but would you be willing to share all of you jobs you came up with, please? 🙂

  6. Unknown Avatar

    Love your organization! Everything looks friendly and bright!

  7. Unknown Avatar

    What a lovely room! Great ideas!