{Bundled} Bear Counter and Linking Cube Math Centers

I have some exciting news… I decided to BUNDLE my Bear Counter and Linking Cube Math Centers to help save some money when spending to go back to school!  Both units have the same centers (10 in all), but you could use them with either the bears or cubes.  I like having repetitive centers in the beginning of the year.  The kids are being introduced to SO MANY new things, it is helpful to have a center that you can teach once, and then they can use it all week long.  Having both of those centers, would give you two weeks of familiar math activities for them to be practicing, while you do those back to school assessments. 😉
This is the linking cube part of the math bundle…

Slide1 1

For the first center they can look at the card on the mat, and place that same number of blocks onto it.

Sorting is a simple activity, and most math curriculum starts with sorting.  This is a fun activity to accompany your math curriculum and it involves manipulating the blocks!

Clip and Count: the students count the blocks and clip the correct number.

Adding on: this is a more difficult task for some of the new kinders, they have to look at the number on the card, count the blocks that are ALREADY printed on it, and then add more blocks to equal the number.


Count and write: the students LOVE using these plastic pockets to write, erase, and rewrite on!

photo 29
I blogged about my Bear Counter Centers the other day, so for picture and details you can read about that HERE!
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If you want more information, head to my TpT Store to look at the bundle!  I hope you are having a wonderful summer!!!!  

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