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So I have serious FOMO (fear of missing out) over these Interactive Notebooks that have seen several teachers create with their kids.  But let me tell you, I don’t think my kids are ready for them.  Even with the training, I just feel in my gut that they aren’t ready for it.  I want an interactive way for them to be practicing basic Kindergarten skills, where they can review what they have learned, create a portfolio of work, and be engaged in what they are learning.  
I decided to create Kindergarten Interactive Printable Pages {For the Fall} in which the students can have everything I mentioned above, but I can make a seasonal “journal/notebook” style practice by just making our own in class.  Let me show you….

This packet is split in half.  It covers themes for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I will use parts from both of these themes to make one “kindergarten interactive journal” for my class to use during the fall.  Once we hit December, I will send them home (after conferences of course!)

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You can either staple the pages together to make a journal for the kids, to introduce interactive notebooks, or you can keep them all individual like regular worksheets.


I wanted to show you two of my favorite activities, both are for Thanksgiving.  This first one, the students will cut and paste the pictures to match the sentences.  I used simple sight words that I am teaching right in the beginning of the year!

This second activity, the kids decide which picture they will use to write their own sentence.  The freedom of choice will hopefully encourage the ones that don’t really like writing, to get excited about their work!  (I will save the unused pieces and put them at our writing center for another day!)

If you want to read more about these interactive practice printables, head over to my TpT Store!

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2 responses to “Kindergarten Interactive Practice Pages”

  1. Jennifer Avatar

    These are so cute! The interactive notebooks are fun but LOTS of work with my first graders. They are getting better but I can't imagine trying to do them with kinder kiddos so early in the year.
    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. Owl Things First Avatar
    Owl Things First

    Cute and meaningful…a winning combination! You make me dream of teaching kind ears …I love auto corrects correction for kinders!