Earth Day Ideas for Kindergarten

Earth Day is one of my favorite topics to teach because you can incorporate science into math and language arts!  I want to share with you some of the things that I have done in my Kindergarten classroom to get the students excited about taking care of the Earth!

IMG 4996
Here I am on Monday, ready for Earth Week Day.  My favorite part is that my husband didn’t even ask any questions when I asked him to take a picture of me with my coffee and a bag of dirt (at 6:30am).  #instagramhusband
IMG 5467
You know that yummy treat using pudding, crushed Oreos, and gummy worms?  Well, I found a book that would be ADORABLE with the treat and wanted to add a little tree into our cup of dirt.  Here are all of my supplies.

IMG 5471
I came across this book, We  Planted a Tree, and thought it would be perfect for Earth Day because it talks about all of the wonderful things trees give us.  I addition to this adorable book I FOUND CLIP ART THAT MATCHES THE TREE!!!!  They are made by Krista Wallden, you can find them in her Easter Buddies clip art pack. I decided to hunt for brown spoons to match the trunk and found them at Party City.  To be honest, I haven’t given my class a sugary treat like this in a long time.  My school doesn’t do birthday treats, so this was so exciting for them.  

IMG 5477

IMG 5482
After reading several Earth Day books, we made this Earth Day flip craft to share one way we can help the earth.  I have it as a FREEBIE for you HERE!  I also included lined paper that doesn’t have the sentence stem.
IMG 5591

IMG 5586
Our next task was to plant sunflower seeds.  I soaked the seeds in water over night to speed up the growing process once they are placed in the dirt.  We put the dirt in a cup and planted 3 seeds each!

IMG 5486
Our little garden gnome from Target looks over our seeds while we are at home!  The students got the biggest kick out of him!  I have the cups on their desk for Open House.  We planted them about two weeks before Open House with hopes of them sprouting so the parents can see!

IMG 5491
We also planed lima beans using a baggie, wet paper towel, and baggie topper!  (Grab the topper in the Earth Day freebie!)  I stapled the baggie topper to the plastic bag and then taped the bag to my cupboard.

IMG 5523
IMG 5525

IMG 5515
I really wanted to talk about recycling with the kids so over the last couple of months I have been saving colored paper from crafts.  First we talked about the different parts of the flower.
IMG 4999
Then I made a giant mess and dumped all of our recycling on the floor!  The students just stared at me as if I had gone crazy! haha!  I let them dig through it for colors to rip and decorate their flower with!

IMG 4997
We talked about how we can reuse old things to make something new and beautiful!  The students really grasped the idea of recycling and were so proud of their recycled flowers!  You can get the flower template in my TpT Store!

IMG 4998
Happy Earth Week and I hope your have fun with some of these activities!
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7 responses to “Earth Day Ideas for Kindergarten”

  1. graciegirl Avatar

    You KNOW I'm going to ask you where on Earth (get it? Earth? lolol…yes pun TOTALLY intended) did you get those adorable and theme-related spoons?! Where girl? Where? Love them!

    1. graciegirl Avatar

      Bwahhhhhhahahahaha….it WOULD have seriously helped that I read the entire post! I must have totally missed that paragraph!
      Thanks! I'll go hide under a 'tree' now…..lololol….I did it again! Must stop eating from this tub of ice cream as I check my emails!

  2. Elevating the Bar Avatar
    Elevating the Bar

    Where did you find the clip art for the trees?

  3. Practically 1st Avatar
    Practically 1st

    what clip art did you use for the tree spoons?!?!