Minted Christmas Cards + Craft

This year I am partnering with Minted to showcase some of their newest Christmas card designs.  I narrowed down my choices down to my 3 favorite card designs.  One helpful feature is you can order a sample card for $1, that way you can see the colors, quality, and style in person.  I really appreciated being able to hold the different cards in my hands to better pick a card! (You can’t personalized the card, they just send you a pre-made sample.)
  Note- In my partnership with Minted, I do have referral links within this post that I earn a small commission from through your purchase.  
IMG 7086
I ordered about 5 different cards but these are the front runners:

IMG 7087
I also decided to order a “Baby it’s Cold Outside” print to add to my Christmas decor.  I didn’t hang it up yet because I am being a good wife and waiting until after Thanksgiving! haha!

IMG 7089
This year, I decided I wanted to send a little craft along with my Christmas cards.  I made this printable and stamped my son’s fingers on it to turn it into a string of lights!  As he stamped his little finger I kept repeating the color, he loves trying to repeat words, but for now he just catches the first sound in the word.
IMG 7085
I thought this would be fun for my son, but would also send some extra Christmas cheer along with our card.
IMG 7084
P.S.- If you are looking for felt garland, check over on Minted!  You can purchase it in several different lengths to meet your decorating needs. 😉
We are taking our photos this weekend, wish us luck!  I will post photos of our cards once we send them out!
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