Letter Mats to Build the Letters

I am constantly looking for ways to use mini erasers and manipulatives in my classroom.  Learning to form the letters can be tedious when just using a pencil and paper.  A engaging way to memorize how to make a letter is by BUILDING IT with Letter Mats.  
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This pack of printable is designed to help you teach the letters A-Z.  Use these letter mats to create your own STEM or STEAM center in which the students can build each letter using manipulative you already have in your classroom.
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There are circles inside each letter to guide the students where to place the manipulatives to create each letter.  These are also great if you are using paint dabbers so the students can aim for each circle with their paint marker.

IMG 5175
Have the students place pom poms in each circle to create each letter.  Try using pinchers to squeeze each pom pom to place in the circles.  This strengthens fine motor skills by using muscles to pinch the pom poms and placing them accurately in the circle.

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These mats work perfectly for the millions of dollar spot erasers that you have.  You can keep the mats in your center rotation but switch out your seasonal erasers to make building letters fun all year long!
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Grab the Letter Mats HERE!
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