Mush Mush Reader Review

Joanna, the author of Mush Mush Readers, contacted me to do a review of her decodable readers.  I am really excited about these and my students LOVED reading them.
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  I was so excited to connect with a former teacher that has a passion for teaching young readers the love for reading.  Her readers incorporate sight words, pictures to promote vocabulary, one-to-one correspondence, and foster reading confidence!  Take a look at her leveled readers that increase with difficulty in each book. 

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Mush Mush Readers are named after Joanna’s furry cat and have levels 1-10 that increase with difficulty in each book.
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The books cover a wide variety of topics to keep the kids engaged and motivated to read each book.

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I set the group of books at my small group table and asked the to read the books in order.  Each book has a focus vocabulary word(s) and contains pictures to help with the more difficult words.  The children feel successful when they can decode these difficult words by using the picture above the word.

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Each word has a little paw print under it so the students can track and follow along as they are reading.  I gave the students little finger puppets to use as they were touching each paw print to read.  
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These Mush Mush Readers have a cute font and really adorable clip art.  (It’s the little things, right?!)  I love that the pages are thick and glossy which makes the books durable for all the “love” the students give them.  I am a huge fan of these books.  I teach a TK/Kindergarten classroom and my students are English Language Learners.  These books were great to introduce new vocabulary, review sight words and teach new ones!  You can find her website HERE.


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2 responses to “Mush Mush Reader Review”

  1. Katiemabon Avatar

    I want to buy some! Thank you for sharing Michelle!

  2. Caitlin Reed Avatar
    Caitlin Reed

    What cute books that serve a very important purpose! Thanks for your review!